About Us

Hello, my name is Blake Nolan Hanson... I've been singing since I was 7, choirs, showers, doo wop groups, classically trained music major, then turned 20 & started singing in rock bands. Played bass & sang in bands Halo Minor Veloure, Echowal, Modus Relay, Dead Inner Critc, Naked Parade, & FLOOZiE. I changed the moniker in 2019 from Livid Lover to Vivid Lover and it was a weight lifted even if just one letter, the power of one word that better represents what I am now and moving forward. As a guitarist, I like to be conscious of not wanting to sound like anyone else, and would rather play modally than pentatonically. As a songwriter, I remain open to the power of the moment and feel it's served me well in my creations. I could ramble on about music & artistry, meh, but I do adore creating. I am not a fan of strict branding or sugar pop, or fear causing hatred, or money being essential to exist in society as I see such worship of money and admiration of greed. I love and feel very deeply as an empath that cries mostly from experiencing beauty day to day. I feel awake & aware, and want to share that whenever & wherever possible.  I do take my art very seriously, despite how it may be perceived when I do strange things. Devin Tomczik- drums & percussion has been a great collaborator on songs "Ayla You Blow My Mind" and "Fly Your Freak Flag High", we have more songs to be released very soon. High energy alternative rock & roll to thrill your ears & mind.