About Us

      Hello, my name is Blake Nolan Hanson...

 Short Bio for those in a hurry:

   Vivid Lover is a current resident of the Twin Cities. He Just released his 3rd solo album 'Infinite-Unconditional-Love'. He was lead singer/rhtythm guitarist in Rock group Halo Minor. He is Currently working with Drummer Devin Tomczik again on an alt rock EP that is being mixed and produced by Robert L. Smith (grammy winner, noted for work with Paul McCartney, Lagy Gaga, The Ting Tings, Duran Duran). The live solo acoustic show of Vivid Lover is Blake Nolan Hanson on an acoustic guitar singing with the passion and rawness that his material translates into a Radiohead/ Jeff Buckley-esque vibe mixing vulnerability with a voice that cuts through granite, then calms like a wave on an ocean beach. 

a press clip : “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is a single to remind us that contemporary pop can still bring depth and texture into the 21st century.      -S. McCauley


now the fun? or interesting bio about me....

I've been singing since I was 7, choirs, doo wop groups, classically trained music major, then turned 20 & started singing in rock bands. Played bass & sang in bands Halo Minor Veloure, Echowal, Modus Relay, Dead Inner Critc, Naked Parade, & FLOOZiE. I changed the artistic moniker in 2019 from Livid Lover to Vivid Lover and immediately felt a weight lifted from that one letter, the power of one word that better represents what I am now and moving forward.

    My  current goal set for the music I desire to convey are: to inspire, to make super interesting- textured beauty, to remind people that there are rewards in having an attention span, and to finish at least half of the material I feel is great that I have already started, in this lifetime.  Feel free to read on if you are interested in what I have to say about art...

     As a guitarist, I like to be conscious of not wanting to sound like anyone else, and would rather play modally than pentatonically. As a songwriter, I remain open to the power of the moment and feel it's served me well in my creations. I could ramble on about music & artistry, meh, just do know, I adore creating. I am not a fan of strict branding or sugar pop, or fear causing hatred & lack of understanding, strong confirmation biases, or money being essential to exist in society as I see such worship of money and admiration of greed and do not quite understand what most people tend to value (billionaire lifestyles of excess, bling, American Idol or any glorified karaoke that values performing others music as a showcase of one's talent, c'mon!") or take for granted (great independent music demanded for free, just kick that artist in the face since they aren't famous.)

    I love and feel very deeply as an empath- that cries mostly from experiencing beauty day to day, especially in recorded music or if an artist is owning the stage with undeniable talent.  I feel awake & aware, and want to share that whenever & wherever possible. I want us all to realize everyone and everything's journey is completely unique, yet similar in other perspectives. I do hope we can figure out how to get along and respect everything soon so we do not destroy our existence. I do feel everything is connected somehow and there is power and energy untapped in all things.

     I do take my art very seriously, despite how it may be perceived when I do strange  or funny things. Devin Tomczik- drums & percussion has been a great collaborator on songs "Ayla You Blow My Mind" and "Fly Your Freak Flag High", we have more songs to be released very soon. High energy alternative rock & roll to thrill your ears & mind, so stay tuned.