1. Learnt Ta Luv


All Seemed right in your mind. So why this void in your heart? Why?
Your reasons lied in wait for new mistakes you yearned for then. You’d secrete your secret wants of simple easy molded plans. How nice. But then was then, with fear light ran before you knew the truth- how love rules.
You learned to love when you were falling apart, some angel stepped in and calmed your heart. Instead of fighting and pushing away. You succumbed to her tender embrace. Make you wonder how....How could this be happening now?
You learned to love when it shouldn’t have been. The strongest force had begun its great plan, was on a day when you weren’t so afraid. You couldn’t help but feel its power take shape. Made you wonder how, how could this be happening now? Made you wonder how.
You were nude, you were vulnerable, shaking like a green leaf. You began feeling a great weight released, like you mattered somehow. You felt you mattered for once now. You learned to love when they were breaking your heart. Your instrument began playing its part. It helped you savor the pain, and express what you couldn’t quite explain. It flowed hot through your veins, till only peace in your soul then remained.
Right then melting round you, regret. Right then all around you.
Your learning love caused this fate. Taught you to question the reasons people hate. Try to remember that every day, and remember how you feel. Sometimes we have to feel. And Sometimes....
It all feels wrong, when you’re fighting off spite, cause you know that you’re right letting go. You didn’t aim for this pain, but it’’s all that remains in this show. Holding your breath, while you’re trying to guess why you’re still here anymore. Oh why not be here for love.