1. Come Run


You can crack a smile...pretend it’s not fake...as long as, your mind is baked. You’re hiding from a world you choose clearly not to see. Is that why my love, is that why you run from me?
Such good things are lost when you don’t use your key, to unlock the way you want to be.
Why are you running from me?
My Love why have you left your quest to chance and settled for terms lain by ‘The Man’?
Why the hell little man, why do you run from me?
Run, Run, run, run from me....
Why are you dreading your own private wedding with your destiny? Why the hell little boy, why do you run from me me?
So what now you’re lost, you’ve never been alone like this before. Never been away from the nurturing arms, feels so foreign... You’ll be okay, I promise you that, unless, you go back where....
You’re safe and sound where fear resounds, useless until you realize you will die someday,
so get in shape to own your own story...come now quit dreading your own private wedding with your destiny.
Come now my love, it’s time to run with me. Run Run run, run with me.
It’s time my love come run with me.