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Drool When You Sleep

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Ha. I hope this is fun for you as it was fun to write and record. It is nice to leave a relationship on good terms and admire that love and how they are growing in their life. That is what this song is about.


Behind every thought, I’ve lingering in my mind…
is your angelic face, smiling oh so kind.
You salivate and drool, when you sleep, so endearing
these memories, of you I keep.
Failing your pledge, with so little self control.
Your heart confuses you, sometimes you’re useless…
in it’s hold.
But I still can’t believe I just let you go,
but I had to. So why do I dwell on it so?
Since you left your life’s been so, phenomenal…
but damn my love, I miss you so.
Don’t wanna be this, I don’t wanna feel this.
And I still can’t believe I just let you go.
But we were like Hancock and Mary, together-just weak
and…ineffective souls.
I look at you now and who you’ve become, and I am
so proud you know…
But damn my love, I still, miss you so.
So kind and blind and absorbed, in an old ideal.
Let’s blame timing, stupid timing now our excuse,
for then parting ways.
But maybe we didn’t understand the depth of a love,
that’s unconditional. Oh no.
Flimsy factual seemingly irrelevant, de-evolutionary
thoughts only see what they wanna see.
But I still can’t believe I just let you go…
and yet I shudder to think of those things you wunta done
and the extraordinary ways, that you may not have grown.
That amazing you’ve boldly made makes me soon…
very proud you know….I’ve bowed out,
but damn…I’ll always miss you so.