From the recording I Find You Amazing

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I Find You Amazing

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Raw, true, from the soul.


I find you amazing to my soul
I see you, I see all of you….
I stare now, I’m not ashamed
Cause I feel I can see everything in you, your everything, my love
There’s just no way I can be wrong about that
It’s just too clear, I know you feel, cause I can feel it thru when you are near me wrapped in my arms, tenderly kissing my neck like only you do

Oh my word, my senses overwhelmed
Oh this world spectacular in everything
Difficult, and easy floats, can I flow and float away with you

There’s no way, you’re not the most miraculous thing here
It’s just too clear to me oh,
A lightning bolt, could strike me now with all its force, and I wouldn’t feel a thing but my love for you coursing through my veins, like molten lava girl, it’s what you do to me
Oh nothing in this universe could stop me from loving you ho oh this way I do. This way I do.
There’s nothing more to say.