1. Fall Too Fast

From the recording Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals

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Fall Too Fast

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Been tryin hard to figure it out in my head...but I stumble on the details and point instead. I wanted to tell you a bit of how I did feel..without ruining the deal. Cause that's the what it goes ya know. In this love game, it's who has the upper hand. Now I answer all my own questions...Like I know better to say much of anything now...there's too much too soon, and too little is too little, I fall too fast. And now I still don't know how far I should go now in this whole thing with or without a raincoat I fall too fast. I know I fall too fast...over and over again. I'll grab every cliche, for the right or wrong way. I'll take risks I have to. Yeah I'll always love this way...even if I fall...yeah if I fall too fast and you're scared away. I don't care...even deeper scars can heal. When I don't regret fine memories. I'm just a fool...I'm just a fool...stuck in a dream....stuck in a dream.