1. Smoldering

From the recording Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals


You smolder in my mind, you plague all my free time. I was so angry you didn't call or write. Do you long for me...like I do for you tonight...a million times. I wanted you to be in hell, with fond memories of me...all of me. 
Cause it's the eighteenth time, your sadness heaves that one, last and final breath. You stutter to exhale. And I've been replaced. 
Still you smolder baby....in my mind. How you smolder in my mind...all this time. Yet it's the nineteenth time.. you've been wined and dined. The coming painful death, became our everything.,,,Are you settling for anything that fills the void of me? Do you settle for another course of nothing more than this? Do you settle for another warm body before I'm mourned? Do you settle for another more accomplished man that sings? Does he write or does he get you off by buying you nice things? Does he have the knack for holding back all that makes you sad? All he does is make me so Goddam irately fucking mad. Oh how I've lost my mind. Will you have the knack for burying the memories in your past?