1. Cutting Pieces

From the recording Beautiful & Intimate Betrayals


I'm cutting pieces from my mind....the ones where memories of you apply. Cause when I don't, I wanna hurt myself....and medicating my brain...just no longer helps. I've been cUttiNg details of our life...but somehow paiNful memOries survived...and eVen worse are ones where I see how deEplY you did care...I'd rather be mad at you....i wish they weRen't there. 
I got off this roller-coaster ride...i picked up what was left of my beaten down broken pride...and all the cruel things you said to me..they no longer matter now, from you I'm completely free.
Free of the superstition, free of the constant fear, free of the contradictions, you changing your mind each year. Yeah maybe I'm better off now, maybe you are too...I'll keep tellin myself that till I believe it's true.
But oh my Dear Dear Love...forget what I just said...i'm tossin I'm turnin I just can not sleep without you here with me in our bed....OH mY deaR DeAr LoVE...forgive what I just said..I'm tossin I'm turnin I just can Not sleep without you here with me in our bed...OH my dEar DeaR Love...forget what I just said...I'D do ANYTHING to have you back here with me FOREVER AGAIN. I miss you. I miSs you.