1. Take or Leave

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Take or Leave

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Take me or leave me
You picked one
It was over before it begun
But at least I have these memories serving no better purpose than pain
Darn all these vivid memories that keep this heart of mine insane
One more reason why I'm insane

Honing now in close to where it all went wrong
Cautious maybe a little caustic
But a lot of why the hell, why the hell not

I could feel how you needed to heal and you saw me as your champion
I held you oh so close every night, we were so tight
You were my heart and my souls divine light
Oh my

So by taking or leaving
So it's sung
I remember love how we had fun
Laughing, loving, losing our minds
Havin' a hell of a time, ah
I know we're both fine, just a little more insane