Vivid Lover

!!FIRST OFF!! FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!!- NO STRINGS ATTACHED!! Just hit that download button, where I present 'Infinite-Unconditional-Love'. Truly songs about deep, unconditional love and how it can & will save us, eclipses fear, heals, how it is our evolution & enhances our existence. My homage to it with the being I've become in the realm of a recording artist. This album was initially going to be titled 'Record Cold Winter', but as Covid 19 became a reality and a shift in our species consciousness and day to day routines were paused and put under a spotlight, new material emerged and a different dot connection path was apparent to me, so I strove to express what I felt was my most vulnerable sincerity. Y'all can download for free for a bit as individual tracks, or all as one album, TOTALLY FREE, SPREAD IT AROUND IF IT'S INSPIRING YOU. THANKS! Buy a physical CD copy if you dig that and supporting a hard working artist.

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