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Tell Me......

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I may be broke, have lived well below poverty income since 2008, but I would live in a toilet if it means I can create and hone music for you and me. Someday another soul will feel me as I am, and this song is one for that soul as well as for all that feel this song.


I'm rubbing my eyes now
I can't believe what I see
Yeah I'm scratchin' my head
Wondering is this real
How, so beautiful

Oh, I sense you are feeling some apprehension
Let me assure you I have a plan oh I just say
You and I just here now
Oh magnetically grown two cells

Just insanely outta mainly oh perching weightless souls
Unembarrassed, uninhibited
Just let it let it happen
Oooo oooo hoooo love we're amazing
Ooo ooo ooo hooo love so amazing